Community Grants Program

Investments in
Enhancing Our
Local Communities

Port Houston’s Community Grants Program is a community outreach initiative focused on investing resources into meaningful projects and programs that enhance our local communities while advancing our mission and vision as a part of our Strategic Plan.

2022 Community Grants Recipients

Congratulations to our 2022 Port Houston Community Grants Recipients! Click the link below for a list of this year’s recipients and their programs.

Grant Specifics & Focus Initiatives

Port Houston’s Community Grants Program offers the opportunity for qualifying organizations to apply for funding through an open, and competitive application process.

Port Houston is particularly interested in supporting programs or services that align with our current outreach priorities including:

  • Community Outreach
    • Revitalizing Communities, Parks, and Greenspaces with a focus on communities that are within three miles of the Ship Channel
  • Economic & Workforce Development
    • Programs focused on maritime and logistics-related fields, with key focus areas related to the trucking industry and maritime operations
    • Programs focused on STEAM education and/or environmental sciences
    • Programs that support career and professional development services
  • Environmental Stewardship
    • Educational programs and projects aimed at improving our waterways (bayous & bays)
    • Pollution reduction and related education
    • Health equity and health disparities
  • Maritime Commerce

Our Application Process

Port Houston’s Community Grants are awarded annually via a two-stage application process. First, eligible applicants submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) outlining their proposed project and requested funding amount.

Those who submit promising letters of interest, that best align with our priorities, will move forward to the second stage of the application process and will be invited to submit a full proposal. If invited to submit a full proposal, funding is not guaranteed. No other grant requests will be considered outside of this process.

This formal application process is conducted using the Port Houston BuySpeed website. Applicants will be directed to use a unique Grants Program code to ensure all applications are captured and processed in one standard method and submitted to the Grants Committee.

The application period for the 2022 Community Grants Program cycle has closed. Our next Community Grants Program cycle will open in the spring of 2023.

Letters of Interest (and any additional attachments) should be submitted online through the [email protected] inbox.

Important Dates & Timeline

The application period for the 2022 Community Grants Program cycle has closed.

Online Public Workshops

2023 Grants Workshops – dates TBD

Eligibility & Guidelines

Port Houston’s Grants Program is designed to embrace the diversity of our communities. While Port Houston has contributed to many nonprofit organizations in our communities, it is impossible to fund every request. In order to have the most meaningful impact, the Grants Program will focus on supporting projects and programs that closely tie to our outreach priorities.

In order to be considered for Grants Program support, Port Houston requires that an applicant:

  • Document its status as a tax-exempt non-profit organization in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service

  • Provide evidence of responsible management and an active board of directors or similar governing body, sound fiscal policies, long-range planning, and effective use of volunteers

  • Propose a method of evaluating the results of the proposed project or program

  • Demonstrate the organization’s capability to execute the proposed project or program

  • Produce a budget and a plan for funding the proposed project or program beyond the grant period

Limitations & Exclusions

Port Houston will not provide grants under circumstances that are not permitted by or conflict with applicable law, Port Houston policies, and/or budgetary considerations.

Port Houston will not provide grants to the following:

  • Applicants that are not tax-exempt non-profit organizations in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service

  • For-profit entities

  • Labor, sectarian, fraternal, military, or professional associations

  • Sports and athletic groups

  • Charitable or endowment campaigns

  • Political action committees, candidates, or lobbyists

  • Individuals

Port Houston’s grants do not automatically renew. Whether receiving current or previous support from Port Houston, in order to obtain new support beyond the term of a grant, an organization must submit a new application and qualify for new support.

Previous Community Grant recipients: